Catalogue Toegepast 19

Catalogue Toegepast 19

Time To Unravel

For the nineteenth time, Culture Platform Design offers promising designers the opportunity to further develop themselves through free work. From the open call applications, Cultuurplatform Design selected me as the graphic designer for all the Toegepast 19 communications

In the first instance I looked for a combining factor in the subjects of the work of the four ‘Toegepast’ laureates. This search for a theme would help me in finding a title for the exhibition. In this way I’m not just the graphic designer, but also part curator.


‘Toegepast’ laureates Carla Swerts, Franky Larousselle, Guillaume Neu-Rinaudo and Judith Mertens emerge as artists that consider the environment, people and landscape as a direct source of inspiration for their work. They consider their senses as elementary and feel closely associated with the artist Paul Klee.
Towards the end of his journey to Tunisia, Paul Klee was overwhelmed by the landscape; the light and colours of North Africa had changed him forever as an artist. Klee had gathered impressions, which he would unravel further in his studio.

The laureates discovered their collective urge to collect not as a result of a long journey, but during their ‘Toegepast 19’ trajectory. After all, each of them gathered sketches, photos and memories of themes and places, which have fascinated them over the last few years. These images and memories have formed the texture of ‘Toegepast 19’ into the mysterious synthesis to be unravelled. After Paul Klee and his credo: Time to Unravel.


The concept of ‘unraveling’ the artists’ works and the return to tactility and memories are expressed in the design of this catalogue. The use of a special rough cover creates an intimate atmosphere. You really want to feel it and hold it in your hands. The material is very delicate, so you have to take a little care of it. The small size (165 x 115 mm) turns it into a more readable pocketbook instead of a big and chunky artist catalogue, which makes it more attractive to skim through the pages.


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