Pitch Material Box Dirk Cousaert

Pitch Material Box Dirk Cousaert

Material Box and publication with Comosie

Pitch in collaboration with Comosie for Dirk Cousaert, a Belgian Interior Designer. Dirk Cousaert reshapes history into a new and exciting future. He restores the material. Combines it with the warmth of wood. Contrasts it with metal, glass or synthetic materials. Then becomes now. Now becomes then. A perfect circle to celebrate life.

Images shown are simulations of the exclusive “Material Box” which would be given to clients with special projects. The Box comes with small pieces of different kinds of materials that are used for the project, to let the client really get the uniqueness of the objects. Also a booklet is added, to give the client an overall view of the project and essays about the previous works of Dirk Cousaert.

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