Exit 2013


Master Exhibition

The rise of social media led to the 
trend of constantly sharing and multi-
plying everything in order to measure 
a specific online identity.

 From my personal frustration with the
 constantly growing visual and textual 
virtual waste.
 I tried to concentrate on the printed
 word and image in my research project.
 I want to move contemporary digital 
communication transfer, with its dynamic 
but transitory internet pages, towards
 a printed medium.

I developed a live-printing installation of a website that automatically posts the most popular hashtags (f.e. #selfie, #me, #bored…) on its homepage. By printing this huge amount of content that shows up on the website, the daily virtual waste of images and content on the web became visual.

Photos of the end exhibition 
of  “Virtual Waste”, my masterproject,
 at Waterschei Genk.

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