I contain multitudes

I contain multitudes

curator of group exhibition in Ghent

I contain multitudes is a group exhibition which presents work of Alexis Blake (US/NL), Jane Coppin (BE), gerlach en koop (NL) and Raphael Malfliet/ Todd Neufeld/ Carlo Costa (BE/US).

Although the idea of a ‘true’ meaning in an artwork is most often questioned in contemporary exhibition-making, it is a premise that is difficult to renounce. What if every claim of universality of significance and of messaging through artworks is truly excluded? The more we look, the more we start wandering in a state of doubt and indeterminacy. Nevertheless, this state of confusion can evoke productivity and imagination whereby a multiplicity of interpretations can unfold. In contrast, the potential of this multiplicity is often nullified by resorting to a ‘comfort blanket’ of expertise or authority. I contain multitudes regards this complexity and builds up an attitude in the ambivalence between knowing and not-knowing, showing and not-showing, in an attempt to comprise the endless potential of different interpretations. The exhibition takes place at Yurt: Nomadic Project Space (Kortrijksepoortstraat 21, Ghent) and Het Paviljoen (Louis Pasteurlaan 2, Ghent) from the 24th until the 26th of June 2016.

gerlach en koop (NL)

The works of gerlach en koop consist of small gestures that are situated in the area of tension between presence and absence. Their work is characterised by repetition and copy, reuse and appropriation, placement and displacement, deceit, trial and error.

Raphael Malfliet/ Todd Neufeld/ Carlo Costa (BE/US)

This experimental music trio creates soundscapes in which free improvisation and composed music are combined. Using a mixture of graphic scores and classical notation-systems, their music emerges from a variety of interpretations.

Alexis Blake (US/NL)

Alexis Blake has a multidisciplinary practice that combines visual art and performance through various methods of translation such as: choreography, sculpture, video, text and/or script. In doing so she explores the language of movement, exposes systems of representation and aims to reformulate the relationship between the object and the subject.

Jane Coppin (BE)

The work of Jane Coppin consists of sound installations, performance and video, in which she focuses on movement by repeating repetitive gestures and actions like counting, walking and drawing. Her work has a minimal character and mostly exists of herself as the performer and some speakers.

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