Virtual Waste — Tweet/Retweet


A flipbook about virtual waste

The rise of social media led to the 
trend of constantly sharing and multi-
plying everything in order to measure 
a specific online identity.

 From my personal frustration with the
 constantly growing visual and textual
 virtual waste. 
I tried to concentrate on the printed 
word and image in my research project. 
I want to move contemporary digital
 communication transfer, with its dynamic
 but transitory internet pages, towards 
a printed, fixed medium, namely these 
books and newspaper.

There has been a search for a new imagery
 where the virtual medium is transferred
 to a printed medium in an artistic manner.
 From a personal approach a few surprising 
characteristics from different internet
 websites were represented (notably Twitter,
 Tumblr, Flickr, Facebook, Instagram
 and, the objective of which was 
to hold up a mirror to readers, whilst 
creating dialogue and getting them thinking.

This flipbook shows in a 
conceptual way the ins and outs 
of Twitter. We tweet, it gets
 Retweeted, and that goes on
 untill eternity.

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